Laser Tattoo Removal in Kohat, Pakistan

What is tattoo removal?

A tattoo is a permanent form of body modification where an artist injects inks and pigments (dyes) into your skin. Tattoo removal is a procedure to remove this permanent ink from your body. Normally, your immune system works to remove foreign particles from your body, but ink particles are too big for your immune system to remove, which is why they’re permanent. Tattoo removal can be a complex process that can take several sessions to complete. This happens because permanent ink granules from professional tattoos exist below your skin’s surface.

How does tattoo removal work?

Each type of tattoo removal works differently. The goal of tattoo removal is to break down permanent ink particles into smaller particles that your immune system can safely remove from your body. This is how laser tattoo removal and tattoo removal creams function with a lower risk of scarring. Dermabrasion, chemical peels and surgical excision focus on removing skin or layers of skin that have permanent tattoo ink particles. This allows your skin to heal around where a tattoo used to be to make it look like the tattoo was never there in the first place. This usually causes scarring.

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Depending on what type of tattoo removal you choose, there may be varying levels of pain or discomfort. Some people say that removal feels the same as getting a tattoo, while others liken it to the feeling of a rubber band being snapped against their skin. Your skin may be sore after the procedure.
Certain procedures are painful, which is why your surgeon may give you general anesthesia or a dermatologist will apply a topical or inject a local anesthetic to your skin.

How long does tattoo removal take?

Each type of tattoo removal takes a different amount of time depending on the size, color and location of your tattoo. It could range from a few minutes for laser tattoo removal or a few hours for surgical excision. You may need several tattoo removal sessions, especially if you choose laser tattoo removal. It can take between six and 12 visits and sometimes more before you see results.

How do I take care of my skin after tattoo removal?

Your healthcare provider or surgeon will discuss instructions on how you should take care of your skin after a tattoo removal procedure.
Immediately after treatment, you can apply an ice pack to soothe the treated area. You may need to apply a topical antibiotic cream or ointment to your skin. You should use a bandage to protect the site.
You can shower the next day, but it’s best to avoid scrubbing the affected area. You should also cover the treated area with sunscreen when you go outdoors. Try not to pick at your skin after treatment because it could lead to scarring.

Is tattoo removal safe?

Yes, tattoo removal is safe if you get your tattoo removed by a licensed or certified healthcare provider who specializes in tattoo removal.
Thanks to newer technology, the treatment of tattoos with laser systems has become much more effective, with lower risk of scarring. Just remember that this advice is in general and shouldn’t replace your provider’s guidance. For details about your specific case, arrange a visit with a healthcare provider who’s experienced in tattoo removal.

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