Mole Removal Treatment in Kohat, Pakistan

What is a mole?

Moles often appear in your childhood or teens and range in color from your natural skin tone to pink, brown or black. People with darker hair or skin tend to have darker moles than people with fairer hair or skin. Moles can be flat or raised from the surface of your skin. Your healthcare provider might refer to your mole as a nevus (“nee-vis”) or a group of moles as nevi (“neev-eye”).
It’s normal to have about 10–40 moles by the time you’re an adult. Some moles grow slowly and may lighten or disappear over time. Most moles are harmless, but you should see your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about the appearance of a mole, or if it changes color or shape, becomes itchy or bleeds.
Sometimes, moles are skin cancer or precancerous. If your mole is itchy, bleeds, isn’t round or oval, or you notice changes in its appearance, contact your healthcare provider.

Why is mole removal done?

Mole removal treats atypical moles anywhere on your face, neck, arms legs or torso. Your healthcare provider may recommend removal of an atypical mole so they can run a test (biopsy) to see if the growth is cancerous (malignant) or precancerous. And if your dermatologist is able to remove the mole and achieves good margins (the area around the mole), mole removal may serve as a curative treatment for skin cancer that hasn’t spread.
Your healthcare provider may also remove a mole if you’re unhappy with its location or appearance.

Who needs to have this treatment?

Most moles don’t require treatment. But you might want to have a mole removed if you’re unhappy with how it looks or feels. Talk with your healthcare provider if you’re concerned about a mole. Generally, moles are removed if your provider suspects they might be cancerous or for cosmetic reasons.

How do dermatologists remove moles?

There are two main methods of mole removal: surgical excision and shave excision. As with all surgical procedures, there are risks and benefits to both types of mole removal procedures. Talk with your dermatologist about which method is right for you.

Surgical excision

Excision is a very common technique for mole removal. After cleaning and numbing the area, your surgeon uses a scalpel to separate your mole from the rest of your skin. Depending on the type of mole, they’ll take a margin of healthy skin to ensure that all of the atypical cells are removed. Then, using forceps to grasp the segment, they lift the mole away. Bleeding is normal, and your surgeon may apply pressure to the area or burn (cauterize) it to stop the bleeding before stitching the area back together.

Shave excision

Another common technique for mole removal is shave excision. Your healthcare provider may be able to remove a mole by shaving rather than cutting. Shave excision can provide a sample of tissue for analysis, and people are generally pleased with the results after healing. But shave excision isn’t useful for looking at deep tumor margins, and can’t be used to distinguish between different types of skin cancer.
For shave excision mole removal, your healthcare provider uses a single or double-bladed razor to carefully shave the growth off to the level of the skin around it. They may lightly burn (cauterize) the area around the removed mole to improve the appearance of any scar after healing.
Moles removed by shave incision are somewhat more likely to come back than moles removed by surgical excision.

Aestheti-Derm Mole Removal Treatment in Kohat, Pakistan

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