Freckle Removal Treatment in Kohat, Pakistan

What are freckles?

Freckles are small brown spots on the skin. They're usually more common in people with light skin, and they appear after sun exposure as a response to the skin being stimulated by UV light. They can form on the face, the hands, the arms, or anywhere else on the skin that is touched by the sun.

Are freckles good or bad?

Freckles are neither good nor bad. They're neutral, like Tom Bombadil, Loki, and Al Bundy from Married with Children. Freckles do not have known health benefits. And, unlike moles, they very seldom pose any health risks. Whether you perceive freckles as a positive or a negative is entirely subjective.

Do freckles go away with age?

There are two kinds of spots that people refer to as freckles, ephelides and solar lentigines. The former will go away with age, and usually fade on their own during the winter. The latter is actually sunspots, and they become more prominent with age. They do not fade with time.

Types of Freckles


These are ordinary freckles that should fade away with time (although sometimes that doesn't happen as quickly as people would like). It can happen quickly: it's not uncommon for some people to have a face full of freckles in the sunny summer, and a freckle-free visage in the wintertime. In other cases, it can happen over a course of years, and people find themselves having fewer freckles as they get over.

Solar lentigines:

These are also known as sun spots or liver spots. They will not go away over time: even with limited UV exposure, wide-brimmed hats and copious amounts of sunscreen, the freckles stick around! In these cases, the only tried and tested solution for removing these sunspots is a freckle removal treatment by a trained professional.

What causes freckles to suddenly appear?

Human skin can react very quickly when exposed to the sun. Even just a few minutes outside on a high UV day can result in sunburn for some people. This is also true of freckles. Even a small amount of time exposed to UV light can result in freckling.
Ultimately, it's a good thing that our skin can react so quickly to changing conditions — it's an evolutionary function designed to protect us from the sun — but the rapid onset of freckles certainly can be frustrating for freckle-phobic people! Thankfully, freckle removal treatments can start working effectively almost as fast.

Will sunscreen prevent freckles?

The right sunscreen, properly applied, can prevent the appearance of freckles. For better protection from UV rays, choose a sunscreen with a higher SPF rating, and make sure that you follow the instructions.
Still, some people are so prone to freckling that even with conscientious sun-smart precautions like sunscreen, some freckling is practically unavoidable.
Additionally, while sunscreen will prevent freckles, it won't reverse or remove the freckles that are already present on a person's skin. To effectively remove freckles, more involved and sophisticated measures are necessary.

Does Vitamin C remove freckles?

Vitamin C serum can help with freckle removal, but some freckles are more persistent than others. Certainly, however, when applied in serum form Vitamin C does lighten freckles. As well as having a host of other benefits, the serum will suppress melanin cells, and rejuvenate your skin. Vitamin C can help with discolouration and, over time, it will lead to brighter and healthier skin. It also protects skin from free radical damage.

Aestheti-Derm Freckle Removal Treatment in Kohat, Pakistan

It is not necessary to get the treatment as it depends on the personal choice of the patient. If the freckles on the skin disturb you, Aestheti-Derm Clinic should be your stop if you want to get trustworthy freckles treatment in Kohat Pakistan. Book an appointment with our best dermatologist Dr. Maria Hamid and experience a comfortable skin restoration.

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